A Mindset for the 21st Century

The opportunities available to Millennials (the roughly 83.1 million people born in the U.S. between 1978 and 1997) are beyond extraordinary.


Some of these opportunities will radically transform life as we know it.


Advances in areas like AI, genomics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, space travel, renewable energy, 3-D printing, cloud computing, and the Internet of things promise a future unlike anything we can currently even comprehend.


The challenges that this generation will face are equally significant. 


And all of this is coming much faster than we realize.


Most of us believe that we can’t afford the luxury of thinking about these things. We’re far too busy dealing with the challenges of daily life. 


The reality is - we can no longer afford the luxury of not thinking about these things.  


We now find ourselves at a tipping point - with a tsunami of technological change on the horizon.


How we think, and how we act, influences every aspect of our lives.


Millennial Samurai offers important insights, examples, and suggestions, on how to successfully overcome obstacles, seize opportunities, and advance your objectives.


All of which is extremely relevant to leveraging the opportunities, and navigating the challenges ahead. 


Millennial Samurai will broaden your perspective, and introduce you to important information and concepts that can inspire transformative action - and taking that action can change your life, and the lives of those you love. 


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